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          Dry type transformer cooling fan

                  At present, DW snail fan or FFD amplitude flow fan are mostly used for cooling of dry-type transformer. DW fan has high power consumption and narrow air supply surface. The motor is placed in the casing with poor heat dissipation. The impeller and casing work in high temperature environment for a long time and are easy to oxidize and rust, which reduces the service life. FFD fan solves the problem of narrow air supply surface However, it still does not solve the problem of oxidation and rust of impeller and shell, and because the inclination angle of guide plate and the angle between blade and shaft are not better, the wind force and wind direction are not ideal.

                  The purpose of the utility model is to provide an inertial flow dry-type transformer cooling fan with compact structure, wide air supply surface, large air supply volume, good heat dissipation of motor, long service life, and improved cooling effect of dry-type transformer.

                  The utility model is realized through the following technical scheme:

                  The utility model relates to an inertial flow type dry-type transformer cooling fan, which comprises an aluminum alloy casing, an aluminum alloy wind wheel, a motor and a guide plate. The casing is provided with an air inlet and an air outlet, the wind wheel is installed in the casing, a guide plate is installed at the air outlet of the casing on one side of the wind wheel, one end of the wind wheel is connected with the motor, and the motor is fixedly installed outside the end plate of the casing.

                  The wind wheel is a roller type, and the blade and the shaft tangent form an angle of 38-51 degrees.

                  The wind wheel is a roller type, and the blade and the shaft tangent form an included angle of 42-48 degrees.

                  The guide plate forms an angle of 40-54 ° with the horizontal.

                  The guide plate forms an included angle of 44-48 ° with the horizontal.

                  The guide plate forms an angle of 45-48 ° with the horizontal.

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