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          How about the temperature controller of dry-type transformer

                  The temperature controller of dry-type transformer is an intelligent instrument composed of microprocessor. Three platinum resistors are used as sensors to measure the temperature of three-phase winding of dry-type transformer. So how about the performance of the temperature controller of dry-type transformer?

                  Advantages of dry type transformer temperature controller

                  1. Double four LED display is adopted to make the working state and measured value of the temperature controller more intuitive.

                  2. It can manually / automatically control the start and stop of fan, over temperature alarm, ultra high temperature trip, etc.

                  3. It has the function of sensor disconnection fault detection.

                  4. The fan can be automatically started for 1 minute within 1-250 hours.

                  5. It can record the maximum temperature function.

                  6. The temperature controller of dry-type transformer can last for more than 20 years.

                  Disadvantages of temperature controller for dry-type transformer

                  If the electronic intelligent temperature controller matched with the dry-type transformer is used continuously, its working life will be reduced to 5 years. Therefore, the temperature controller of the dry-type transformer needs to be updated and maintained many times in the long-term use process.


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